Pathfinder (unedited)


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La khenya.


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La khenya, le busy ka di politricks tsa bo Thuthukile Zuma

instead of the history ya Yaa Asantewa

No man, la bora

You are more concerned about how some rich, spoilt, moody white boy,

shot and killed his super sexy, super hot, model girlfriend

gona le gore le botse ka Simon of Cyrene

Oh, I forget

you’re too occupied with Israel and Palestine bombing the crap outta one another Continue reading

Like an Ass.


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So you want similes

like junkies who don’t know how to get their next heroin

like Jesus freaks on bended knees

like Islam geeks on suicide scenes

as anxious for death as Macbeth

as serious about black as Biko’s mac;

an Afrikan sister can never be whack

born and bread

it was said

on Sobukwe’s back. Continue reading