Healing (Part 1)

A note to my brothers

husbands to mothers.

A word to my uncles

not to unbundle

testosterone muscles

on feminine complexities,

process rather than dismantle.

A moment of handling

is a free bus ride

with the molester from the news

the leader or a raping crew

a murderous few

and a junkie who will maim

for a shot or two.

I write as that fool

a stubborn mule

who broke all the rules

But I blame you

I guess erring is human

displacing blame even more so,

the piece said kick her ass

you just sat and gasped,

it spoke of debate

and motherfuckers just gazed.

So I guess it’s okay,

to you anyway,

to show a lady

with a fist

who’s the man.

Listen to this man

keeping it simple as he can

never raise a hand

even to the last number hoodrat

Let us heal.


Thabiso Nkoana © 2006


La khenya.


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La khenya, le busy ka di politricks tsa bo Thuthukile Zuma

instead of the history ya Yaa Asantewa

No man, la bora

You are more concerned about how some rich, spoilt, moody white boy,

shot and killed his super sexy, super hot, model girlfriend

gona le gore le botse ka Simon of Cyrene

Oh, I forget

you’re too occupied with Israel and Palestine bombing the crap outta one another Continue reading